Thursday, June 15, 2006


[Write what you will]
[If you write it in a prison]
[Sing how you feel]
[But you might die if they listen]
[They think in the politics]
[Of rosaries and chains]

[And it's hard to tell the right from the wrong]
[When the right is protecting the wrong]

Words: Glen Phillips


Blogger Alina said...

This is a personal curiosity: how much does it take you to create such perfect duos: great pictures and inspired words to match them? You hit the bull's eye each time.

11:35 PM  
Anonymous over a mile said...

Alina, I am extremely flattered, thank you! Well, the process itself is not very complex. I take photographs for my own enjoyment as and when I feel like. And I have several folders full of photos. It isn't a complex process. A photo either triggers a memory of song that I am familiar with or a song that I listen to usually reminds me of a picture I have taken. So that's pretty much it..

cheers, Omer

12:19 AM  

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